Our Games

My Little RogueLike

MLRL is a challenging roguelike game where you become a hero tasked to complete the 50 floors of the dungeon, starting at the sewers and going deeper and deeper until you'll reach the caves and their demonic inhabitants.


  • Procedurally generated levels (every run is unique)
  • Permadeath
  • 3 unique classes of hero
  • 50 floors of increasing difficulty
  • More than 25 different enemies with their own quirks
  • 5 powerful bosses to defeat
  • An endless mode to push your limits
  • Possibility to switch between graphic and ASCII mode while playing
  • Pixel art graphics
  • Title screen
  • Scores screen
  • Character selection screen
  • In-game screen
  • Inventory screen
  • ASCII mode in-game screen


Let us put you in context: You and your friends are having a nice dinner together and then one of you puts the phone right in the middle of the table and four pigs appear on screen. As the four of you place one finger on the screen, the pigs blow a bubble gum and start float up. Now all of you are prepared to start the fun. No rules (you and your friends put yours), everything is valid, but you need to be the last one touching the screen. If anyone of you fails, the bubble explodes and the pig falls. Be the hero! Save your pig and win the game.


  • Have a great time with your friends
  • The only thing that exceeds its simplicity is fun
  • Cute pigs and gum balloons everywhere
  • Title screen
  • In-game entering pigs
  • In-game waiting pigs
  • In-game blowing pigs
  • In-game GO!
  • In-game winner screen


Oculta is an Escape Room-like challenging online puzzle game available in Spanish. Get into the mystery of Ariadna's disappearance and solve all of the mysteries and enigmas until you find the right answers that lets you finish the game. This Escape Room and all its riddles are designed by Customazed. PerIta Soft implemented it and added the online helper to ensure that all the players can finish it.


  • Really challenging riddles only for hardcore puzzle-solvers
  • 4th wall breaking mechanics that blow your mind
  • Available in Spanish
  • Title screen
  • Oculta screen
  • Oculta screen

Força Màgica Intergalàctica

Catalan translation of Intergalactic Wizard Force for the LocJam 5 that took place between the and the . Join Prince Xandar, hero of the cosmos, and Maldrek, the galactic wizard, on an adventure through time (forwards) and space (forwards, but also sideways and diagonally).


  • Swap between wizards to cast their own spells, such as Charm Humanoid, Mesmer, and Hyperdrive.
  • Fly between 18 quintillion* planets
  • Meet a bizarre cast of space aliens and wizard all over them.
  • Enjoy “Space Chicken” responsibly.
  • Title screen
  • Maldrek insulting Prince Xandar, as usual, while traveling through space
  • Prince Xandar talking to a native Laberinthian
  • Local merchant trying to sell “Space Chicken” to Prince Xandar
  • Doorian Knobb thinking about DOORS
  • Prince Xandar and Maldrek on planet Lobos

Works in Progress

Flick Karts

Flick Karts is a digital implementation of the classic flicking pucks race game, but enhanced with the benefits of the video games’ world like power-ups, weather change, online play, etc.

This game is currently in early stages of development. All its media and features may change on the final version.


  • 10 different power-ups including oil traps, bird attacks or energy burst for double flicks
  • Variable weather/surfaces influencing the behavior of karts
  • Play with your friends online in races up to 4 players
  • AI controlled karts to include on your games
  • 16 awesome tracks
  • Track editor: Create your own tracks and play with your friends
  • Race start
  • Flicking a Kart
  • Zoom out

Boom Boom Boat

Ahoy scallywag! Enroll in this fast-placed action pirate game where you take the role of a tanning captain of a ship and survive to be the last boat alive. Get ammo crates in order to fire your cannons, take the medical ones to repair your ship, and fight using your cannons or pushing the other scum ships to crash them on the shores.

This game is currently in development to add the multiplayer option and the port to Android platform. For now you can give it a try by playing the html version with a two-player local mode.


  • Procedurally generated maps
  • Various types of ships
  • Play solo or a two-player game with split screen
  • AI-controlled boats will try to crush you
  • Title screen
  • In-game screen
  • Winner of the round
  • Round lost
  • Two players split screen
  • Two players split screen, with one player eliminated

About Us

An anthropomorphized pear throwing a paper plane while sitting backwards on an office chair, in front of an all-in-one computer running a The Matrix-inspired screen saver. To her left, another anthropomorphized pear wearing a red beret, sporting a thin handlebar moustache, and holding a brush with her left hand; a light bulb hovers just above the second pear’s beret.

We are two friends who love programming and video games.

Since early 2019 we have been developing a bunch of video games, so we decided to start the Perita Soft project. The idea is simple: we meet in our free time and code and learn together. From then until now we are still developing with the same illusion and willingness to improve our games patch over patch.

All our games are totally free and open source, so feel free to take a look at our GitLab, play the browser version of a game or simply download them from Google Play, when available, and enjoy the experience.


We'd love to hear from you.

Whether you have any questions or suggestions about our games, or anything else, you can send us an e-mail to the following address.


An anthropomorphized pear riding a huge paper plane towards the west